Charlotte Mclean

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Magnolia is a glimpse of the human condition. A glance at all of the characteristics and key events that compose the essentials of human existence. It explores what it is to connect with other humans and navigate personal growth, the spectrum of mental illness, relationships, unconditional love, grief, loss, unity and finally the acceptance of life and death.

Lyrically, the songs delve into the duality of man. The cycle of life and death, love and loss, stability and change, growth and stagnancy, unity and separation, family and isolation, convivence and conflict, parents and children.

Magnolia is Pop meets Jazz. The relationship between harmony and melody mimics the themes. There are repeated riffs and pedals, often with fast moving harmony and improvised sections and vice versa. There is a tension between conflicting elements, whether it be a simple melody contrasting with complex form or complicated harmony contrasting with simple Pop grooves. Often there is stability in the Pop drum grooves while there is tension harmony. There is an improvisational element throughout and form is Jazz/Pop hybrid.

Raw. Honest. Visceral.

Expected release: June 4, 2020

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