Charlotte Mclean

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Jazz Music Institute, 10 Brookes Street, Bown Hills

Charlotte Mclean is emerging as one of Australia’s most captivating and original vocalists. Possessed of a velvety-smooth voice, she produces her own addictive style and her original tunes have garnered critical and popular acclaim. Charlotte’s exemplary skills as an improviser allow her to put a fresh spin on classic jazz repertoire, and she sings with honesty, strength and a unique combination of contemporary musical influences.

Charlotte has had a passion for writing music and performing from an early age and in June 2020 released her second originals album “Magnolia”. She was delighted when announced as a finalist in the prestigious Queensland Music Awards (Jazz Category) for her original music in 2021. She has just released a Folk/Bluegrass single “Tortoise Beetles” and will be releasing her new album “Spinning Wheels and Sideshows” as well as a Jazz trio album “I know why and so do you” at the end of this year.

Charlotte will debuting the music from this Jazz trio album at JMI Live. She will be joined by Guitarist Tyler Cooney, Bassist Luke McIntosh, Drummer Reuben Bradley and Saxophonist Josh Hatcher.