*Currently only teaching in a Tertiary Capacity - Books closed until further notice 


Welcome to Charlotte Mclean Music Studio

Ever since I was little I have wanted to sing and to teach music. I am so grateful to be sharing this dream of mine with you! I am often asked by students; "Do you think that I could be a singer/musician?" and the answer is always a resounding "YES!". I truly believe that anyone with the right attitude can learn to sing or play well. I am passionate about helping people of any age and experience level to find their musical path and achieve their goals. Music is such an important part of being human, and everyone has something special to offer!


What I offer students

A fun and relaxed atmosphere for students of all ages and experience levels at reasonable rates.

The tools to develop a healthy technical foundation including breath management skills, body awareness, and style appropriate vocal techniques.

Beginner to intermediate piano lessons.

Beginner bass lessons.

The knowledge required to perform, work with a band and build a portfolio in the music industry.

Beginner to advanced music theory.

Song writing skills.



"Charlotte has that rare mix of technical knowledge, experience, talent and a true love of singing. My daughter absolutely loves her lessons and her passion and confidence continue to grow. We couldn’t have found a better role model and teacher. 

Thank you."

(Sue and Jasmine)


"Caitlin was nervous for her first singing lesson and Charlotte put her at ease immediately. Charlotte is very knowledgable about how the body interconnects to help or hinder your voice. She has such a lovely way with Caitlin and makes the exercises fun. She has extended her musicality by giving her a variety of songs to sing in all different genres and no matter how Caitlin felt about the song choice at the start she always enjoys singing it in the end. We would both highly recommend Charlotte for singing lessons for all ages!"



"Charlotte has been the perfect music teacher for our daughter (9years) teaching her vocals and keyboard. Keeping lessons fun and age appropriate have kept our daughter engaged and looking forward to each lesson. Charlotte provides a safe, encouraging and inspiring lesson each week, with age appropriate and skill appropriate content such as age appropriate lyrics and songs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Charlotte to any musically inclined people."

(Karla Strachan)


"I appreciated that right from my first lesson, Charlotte listened to my goals and gave me some excellent advice and practical exercises that I could use straight away to start improving my jazz improvisation skills. I would definitely recommend Charlotte to anyone looking for a highly skilled, encouraging and fun singing teacher who will help you work towards your goals."

-Renee Jury (Professional singer and voice teacher)


"Charlotte is an exceptional music teacher who recognises the areas that I could improve and created lessons based around my individual needs. She is extremely knowledgeable and makes lessons enjoyable and fun. She continues to challenge my learning which allows me to grow and obtain the confidence I need to start performing."

-Yaw Kyei (Emerging Jazz/pop/originalsartist)


"After many years of various teachers and being diagnosed with vocal chord strain, Charlotte has given me the correct techniques that have actually helped me with my breath support and other vocal technique issues so that I use my apparatus properly. Not only do I now feel confident I won’t further strain my vocal chords, I am also singing much more freely and having less issues with intonation, hitting high notes and tightness and my tone is also improving! Charlotte has also given me so much support throughout my music degree helping me with many aspects of musicianship as well as learning how to work with a band, specifically all the cues used in the jazz genre. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Charlotte for any aspect of singing. She has made a world of difference to me. 

Thanks so much Charlotte!!"

-Malgosia Weglarz (Jazz vocalist)


"Charlotte has a great ability to cater to each individual's needs, no matter your age or ability or understanding of music. As someone who is interested in the processed and technicalities behind singing, I appreciate Charlotte's aptitude for being able to explain the physiological underpinnings of singing and using a music theory background to further inform my understanding of singing. Singing and performing in front of people can be a little confronting sometimes and at times, some of the vocal exercises you do as a singing student can feel a little weird! It is very comforting to have a singing teacher who manages to challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, while still making you feel at ease."

-Montana White


"I have had lessons with Charlotte for about 1/2 a year I have learnt a lot about improvising and mastering rhythm. She is a very good voice teacher as well as a talented jazz singer in her own right. Also, she has a gentle nature that makes you feel at ease and provides a good space to learn jazz singing. I recommend her to anybody who is interested in learning about voice and jazz improvisation.

-Kirstin Osborne (Jazz vocalist and tertiary music student) 


"Charlotte is passionate about music and passionate about sharing music with others. She is able to build rapport with individuals whilst tailoring lessons to the needs and skill levels of her students. Her great personality makes lessons very enjoyable."

-Vocal Student (2017)


"Charlotte has been my vocal coach for the past three years and she is a brilliant teacher. Her lessons are an excellent synthesis of singing technique (including correct alignment, breathing, pitching etc), and a passion for making you the best you can be. Moreover, Charlotte provides you with the tools to extend all other areas of musicianship (such as songwriting). She is a fantastic mentor no matter what your musical aspirations. If you are looking for the best voice teacher around I can recommend her without hesitation."

-Wayne Halfpenny (Singer, guitarist and composer)


"Charlotte was my stepping stone into vocal coaching. Her passion and ability for sharing her craft instilled mine - Thank you!"

-Susan Carr


"Charlotte Mclean has been the best thing for my daughter Ashlie. She's great at what she does, takes lots of pride. My daughter looks forward to every Wednesday. Ashlie's singing and piano playing is improving every week. Charlotte is very talented!"

-Connie Lamana


"I like that we play interesting things, and that she doesn't teach me too much at once. I like that we do scales and chords and not just songs all the time." 

-Connor, 8


"We are so fortunate to have found Charlotte to teach our son piano. It is impressive to watch his growing confidence and mastery of the instrument - mainly due to Charlotte's broad and entertaining approach to teaching. Unlike many teachers who plod their young students page by page through a beginner's book, Charlotte uses a mixture of chords, finer work, melody and harmonies to keep the learning process fresh and interesting. I would recommend her highly to anyone wanting an accomplished teacher". 

- Meryta Quagliotto


"Charlotte has transformed the way I sing. WOrking with Charlotte has increased my confidence and opened up my vocal creativity in ways I never thought possible. Charlotte has a gift to bring out the best voice in people. She is kind, professional and patient."

-Oana Brown


"We like that Charlotte is calm with a gentle nature whilst working with Jacob. He has learnt a lot regarding all aspects of piano playing eg. reading music and rhythm and enjoys his lessons. We also liked the improv sessions which kept him interested and engaged and made learning music fun and meaningful. 

-Tham Vo

Charlotte has a winsome quality that belies a highly musical mind. She delivers a song with heartfelt clarity.”

— Sharny Russell Van Herp (Australian Jazz vocalist/pianist/composer)